MX Global is committed to implement and maintain the highest standards of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism compliance and requires management and employees to adhere to these standards to prevent abuse of MX Global products and services for money laundering and terrorist financing purposes.

In pursuing its commitment to assist in the detection, prevention, and reporting of money laundering / terrorism financing activities, MX Global shall be guided by the following principles:

MX Global shall know its customers by obtaining satisfactory evidence of their identity and having effective procedures to verify the authenticity of the information furnished by new customers.

MX Global shall ensure that its business is conducted in conformity with high ethical standards, that laws and regulations are adhered to, and that service is not provided where there is good reason to believe that transactions are associated with money laundering / terrorism financing activities.

Subject to the legal constraints relating to customer confidentiality, MX Global shall cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies by, among others, taking appropriate measures allowed by law if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting money laundering / terrorism financing activities.

MX Global shall adopt policies consistent with the principles set out in this policy, and ensure that its staff, wherever located, are informed of these policies and adequately trained in matters covered herein.

MX Global shall implement specific procedures for customer identification, record keeping and retention of transaction documents and reporting of covered and suspicious transactions.

By applying for and using MX Global, you agree to the above and agree to provide such information as may be required arising from the above.